2016 marks the eighth time my husband and I have gone to Dragon Con. My daughter has been going since she was in my belly so this make it her sixth year! We have tried to dress up as many years as possible and the fun has increased since my daughter has been able to choose a theme for our costumes! She wanted to be Storm E Sky this year and I thought it would be great to be Storm’s sister Cloud E Sky. My daughter agreed and we were off! Well, not that fast, but still, we got started. Cloud E is the Lalaloopsy on the left below. More on my husbands Lalaloopsy, Forrest Evergreen, later.

Cloud & Storm Lalaloopsy Dolls

I started with my shirt. Originally, the plan was to sew it from scratch, but time closed in and I realized I didn’t have the skill set to do it that fast. I settled with altering an existing shirt and could only find a long sleeve shirt in the right color.


This shirt was a pleasant surprise! My first knit sewing experience was days earlier when I made Little Bit’s knit tank top for her Storm E costume. I had sewn her top without puckering, but was not as fortunate when making the sleeves short for mine. When the first hemmed sleeve came off the sewing machine the whole stitch line was rippled! I laid it out to look and found that the ripple was uniform.


“Hey, that’s not bad. Makes it look cute!” Now… I would have to sew them both to match. Trying to make sure that I didn’t change how I had sewn the first sleeve, I started on the second. It worked! My shirt ended up with more personality than I expected. Could I do this again? Probably not on purpose! But it looked great!


I had made Little Bit’s skirt using a no sew method and did mine the same way so they would match. I used something like 160 strips of tulle. I didn’t add top short pieces like I did for my daughter’s (Read about it here). Mine was fluffy enough without them. Very fluffy in fact! So much fun! I will do a tutorial on this method soon.


I constructed Storm and Cloud’s bows in the same way as each other, just making hers a little smaller so it wouldn’t take over her head! I think they came out so cute! They did not show in photographs the way I imagined and I will place them on headbands next time. Some reason I only took a picture of Storm’s, but you can see mine in the next picture.


I left Little Bit’s and my wigs till the very last minute. I was distraught at the thought of not being able to make these guys, so I kept putting it off. I did not sleep Friday night of Dragon Con 2016. This will never happen again. I made some freaking awesome wigs, however. They ended up looking fantastic and I will do a tutorial on these, also.


So, let me say that sourcing materials for our costumes was one of the hardest parts. Okay, maybe not the hardest, but it sure tied. There were other hard parts! It took so much time and for the next costumes I will focus on learning how to slim this time down.

Do you have any time saving tips on sourcing material for your costumes/cosplays?
All ears I am. Willing to learn I am.

Edited to fix grammar and updated to add more information.

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For my first Things I Love post I am going Old School.


These things are awesome. First, they are Chucks. Chucks! How much fun! Then, they are black and white. Perfect. Even with a 2-inch high heel I could dance in these for hours. They are the most comfortable high heels I have ever owned. I got these somewhere between 1993-1996. In one of my first of many years of college. They have seen some stuff.

I held onto them through all these years, because I love them. I hoped there would come a time when I would wear them again. A time when they would fit again. Well, the planets have aligned and these babies need a cleaning!


I soaked the shoe strings in Oxi Clean Free and water for about 3 hours and then put them in the washing machine inside a delicates bag.


While those were taking a bath, I started with a fur roller and removed any dirt, fur, etc. that would easily come off. I was pleasantly surprised they were clean enough to not need further work.


I used a little Dawn dish soap in water and with some elbow grease I cleaned off the rubber parts. I didn’t want to use anything too harsh cause who knows if they will ever make these again.
Hint. Hint.
Looking at you Converse.


Beautiful! While they are not spotless, they look fantastic.




Dear Converse,

Please, make these shoes again.
Don’t update them.
Don’t change them in any way!
Just like they were. Please.
I want these.
I love the heel.
I need these.
I want them in black, white, pink and something sparkly!
If you could do this, please, it would restore my faith in shoe goodness!
Just go ahead and put in my order for those colors.

Thank you. Thank you, so much!


Leave me a comment with your dream order. What colors would you want if they made them again? If you are on Instagram head over to @thesimplyeternal. Give the post some love and leave your dream order there!

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I am letting my hair go it’s natural color. Which is going to be shades of gray! So cool! I have not seen my natural color in probably 20 years. It seems it might be white around my temples. How very Storm of me!

My neighbor started to let her gray grow out last year and every time I saw her I thought to myself…”I can do that! It looks beautiful!” Another friend just never covered her gray. These women are being themselves. As it should be. Even if you want to color it! Go! Be yourself! Pick your color! I am picking gray!

It took years for me to actually decide. I was nervous, but my inner voice wanted me to and it was screaming. I was mulling through the thoughts of what “others” would think about it. How I would be perceived. In the end, the only difference between choosing gray or purple hair, which I also wanted for years, is the time and money color takes and that was the deciding factor. I would rather take the time and money to be with my family at Disney World!

So, how do you go about going gray?

There seems to b a slew of ways. Let’s see. I will start from the most intense to the least:

-You could go and have your hair dyed gray.

First, they bleach out the existing color.
Then they tone it.
Then they color it.
Then you would have gray hair!
Possibly 2 days at the salon. The hairstylist said that it would not blend with the natural color as it grew out and that you could add highlights to further blend it until the gray dye grew out or keep dying it gray.

-You could get a short haircut and let it grow from there. Wonderful idea if you like your hair short, already have shorter hair, or there is a short do you have been eyeing.

-If your existing hair color is closer to your incoming gray when you begin transitioning you could just add highlights and or low lights to blend in the color of the gray growing out.

-You could use temporary dye to cover all over until the gray has grown out. Then you just quit using the temporary dye and it fades away over the next few weeks.

-You could use any form of cover up sticks and sprays that are on the market while it grows out. I have used L’Oréal Paris Hair Color Root Cover Up. I used it at the beginning of my growing out process and was surprised that is lasts through one hair washing with minimal fading. Put it on the day before and then wash it and wear to your event. A little gray showed through, however the color looked way more natural. If you have something important to go to test this idea first, but it looked really nice when I did it.

There are so many choices! One could work for you if you are thinking of going gray. I am just going to grow it out and get it trimmed regularly. It is going to take longer. No instant satisfaction. Damn. Less work. Good.

What other ways have you learned to help go gray? Any cool ideas? Let me know!

Edited words.

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We have been going to Dragon Con for eight years now and my daughter for six! We try to dress up as often as possible. Little Bit picked Storm E Sky, of Lalaloopsy Dolls fame, for her Dragon Con 2016 Costume. I was so excited to make it and just as excited to pick a doll for my husband and I to dress as. Storm E Sky is the doll on the right below. Her sister Cloud E Sky is on the left. I would be going as her. We chose Forrest Evergreen for my husband.

Cloud & Storm Lalaloopsy Dolls

Sometimes, you just have to go for it! I love dressing up for Dragon Con and I knew if I pushed myself I could do it and while I severely under estimated how hard it would be, I was ready.

She looked amazing!


I started with the jacket. My reasoning was that it was going to be the hardest part and I would need the most time to complete it! Boy was I right! I used a pattern that I modified to look like Storm’s jacket. That reminds me! I sewed a prototype before the final, just in case my modifications didn’t work, I wouldn’t waste the shiny material and cry a lot. So, add more time! I also decided to use a French seam. Ummm, more time. So, in essence I sewed the jacket three times! I don’t regret my decision. It took forever and it looks FANTASTIC!

I then moved onto her tank top. I have never sewn knit materials before and who cares! I went for it! Worse that happens? I have to re-figure it out! Again, I modified a pattern to look like Storm’s top. It worked out great and when Little Bit tried it on she said, “It’s like a real shirt!” I about melted with happiness. Thank you baby girl!


Next was the skirt. For some reason I didn’t use the pattern that I had and was excited to try and copy an existing skirt. Well, this did not work at all! While the skirt looks great in pictures, it was a wearing fail!


Also, it didn’t have the FLUFF that Storm’s skirt needed and I was crestfallen! I put it in her dress-up closet. Time to find another way to make it! I decided in the last 2 days to make the skirts in a no sew method instead. This method produced the super fluffy skirt we needed! I will do a tutorial about how to make them.


Last, but hell of a not least, was the wig! I was going as Cloud E Sky (read about her here) and I would need one also. These things scared me. I had no idea how to make them and I kept putting them off until the last night before we were to wear them. I should have tackled them first like the jacket. I have learned. I ended up kicking their asses anyways! I researched different methods and figured out more things along my way. Add these to my tutorial list!

So, while I stayed up all night to finish our 2 wigs and I. will. never. do. that. again. They came out wonderfully and I am truly proud of how they looked and fit.

Little Bit’s Storm E Sky costume came out better than I could hope for and I learned so many things on the way. Little Bit keeps growing and I know that I will have to remake parts of her costume if she wants to wear it again, but I should be quicker next time! Obviously, I need to work on my time management skill, even as I sit here at 1:30am writing this post.

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10/19/16: Edited to add that Storm E Sky is a Lalaloopsy Doll, that Cloud E Sky is up and to add information!

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